Before I met Jess of Heart Based Bookkeeping, I was afraid of my numbers. I tried to handle money on my own and I’d overspend, get confused by the tax system and spend as little time as possible thinking about finances. But all this meant that my bank account became a scary place to look because it would create a roller coaster of emotions for me.

I loved the name of her business and when I first spoke to Jess I told her that I was looking for more than just someone to handle my numbers for me. I wanted someone to educate me and teach me. And Jess did that and more. She helped me create a system for knowing and understanding my finances.

Jess is a genius with the numbers which frees me up to focus my gifts where only I can. And this has been a huge support in helping my business grow exponentially.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jess and Heart Based Bookkeeping to other entrepreneurs or small business owners.

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Rich Litvin
Founder of 4PC: The Top 4% of Coaches On The Planet
Preen Publishing LLC

Before I met Jessica, my books were a mess. Jessica took me by the hand and helped me set up a system that works.

I’ve worked with other bookkeepers in the past and reviewing my books used to be a stressful situation of finding a zillion mistakes. I am so impressed with Heart Based Bookkeeping’s professional, error-free service. It is such a relief to see my reports each month and know that they are accurate.

Best of all, Jessica understands the emotional and spiritual aspects of bookkeeping and is SO supportive. She actually makes bookkeeping fun!

I can’t thank Jessica enough for changing my relationship to tracking money and business bookkeeping! Thanks to Jessica and our awesome bookkeeping system, I was finally able to identify some of the cash flow problems in my business and fix them. YEAH!

Lucille Sorella

Preen Publishing LLC

I’ve been doing this work for 15 years and it’s very hard to find a good bookkeeper. Let me say that again, it’s VERY HARD to find a GOOD bookkeeper.

Jess is more than a bookkeeper, she’s an accountant. When I get a trial balance from her QuickBooks file, the numbers are tied down solid, perfect. There’s not $150K in Miscellaneous Expense.

So she’s an awesome bookkeeper and I can’t say enough about her.

Jessica is a bookkeeper that I would highly recommend. In 15 years in practice, I can honestly say she is the best bookkeeper I’ve worked with.

Testimonial presented by a CPA in a BNI meeting

Providence, Rhode Island

If it weren’t for Jess, I’d have gnawed off my own leg to escape the bookkeeping. No joke — I was nearly 3 years behind on my accounting before I hired Jess. Can you imagine how stressful it is to go through 3 whole years of back bookkeeping and taxes? Horrible! Without Jess, I never would have been able to face it. She knows better than anyone how to cut through the guilt and avoidance, and get it done. If you’re looking for a friendly, professional bookkeeper to help you over the numbers-are-scary hump, look no further.

Amy Hoy

Unicorn Free (unicornfree.com) and Freckle (letsfreckle.com)

For the first time in my life (yes, literally, my entire life), I woke up ready to finally deal with my business’s money situation. I do not know how you did it in one phone call, but you have started to change my outlook on this project already–thanks a million!

I didn’t even realize the extent of my unwillingness to deal with monetary issues until I woke up yesterday wanting to send everything to you before I did any work (or even had a cup of coffee, which is huge for me). Thanks for your willingness to help me in a nonjudgmental way. It means a lot.

T.S., Washington, D.C.

Thanks Jess!!!!  You make accounting fun!

Connie Solera

Founder of Dirty Footprints Studio

It is so great to work with Jessica at Heart Based Book Keeping. I just want to say that doing my taxes has never been so easy for my business before. Thanks Jess!

Carol Peronace Waite

Yoga Teacher

I’ve spent 11 years running my own businesses and my books have always been a disaster. It’s not for a lack of trying, either. I’m extremely organized, but I just couldn’t find a bookkeeper who fit me–one who understands Internet businesses and knew how to organize our books in a way that made sense to me as a tech company CEO.

Jess came in like a breath of fresh air. For the first time, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. No more 300-row Excel spreadsheets with a big note at the top saying ‘What are these transactions???’ Jess actually Googles and works with me to categorize everything properly. What a relief!

Jess is a treasure. As long as I’m running my own businesses and Jess is doing bookkeeping, she’ll be my go-to in that department without hesitation.

Erica Douglass

CEO, Whoosh Traffic

Being a conscious entrepreneur, it is important to me that everybody I work with reflects my values and integrity. When I found Jessica, we both knew it was a perfect match. She is a kind and compassionate woman who seeks to understand me and my business, and who truly does want me to succeed.

Just as importantly, Jessica saves me money. I really appreciate that Jessica understands the differences and nuances of a heart-based business like mine.

Since we began working together, her knowledge and insights have saved me thousands of dollars in business expenses and deductions I didn’t know I could take… because she understands more than just bookkeeping, she understands the bookkeeping needs of heart-centered conscious entrepreneurs like me.

Chris Cade

ChrisCade.com LLC

I am so grateful to have found Jessica and Heart Based Bookkeeping. I am in a creative line of work, but that doesn’t mean money doesn’t play a huge role in my success! Jessica is my left brain, heart centering magic wand, CFO extraordinaire. She not only takes such good care of the books but she explains what it means to the expansion of my company so I can keep doing what I do best. WHAT A RELIEF! She helps me come to practical solutions without leaving out the necessity of intuition. Don’t believe it? After months of not invoicing due to a internal block, less than 24 hours after working with Jess I invoiced $10,000 worth of billable hours and there is still more to go! And she helped me to decide exactly how to promote an employee within my company that would lead to the MOST productivity. THANK YOU!

Jessica Krewson

Owner, designKREW.com, Los Angeles, California

Thank you, Jessica! I love your approach and am EXCITED about bookkeeping for the *first* time *ever!* :o) This is so exciting!! I love this!! I love being able to trust my bookkeepers and know that we have a working system in place!

L.T., New York City, New York

To learn more about working with Jess, visit the Services page.

If you have a question for Jess, ask her right here!
She loves it when people ask her questions!

I came to Jess with an issue that needed practical information and that was emotionally/mentally knotted up.

I was contemplating bankruptcy. Oh, gracious – I was clueless and scared. So many things I didn’t know, and so many paralyzing fears.

Not only did Jess give me practical guidance, but she connected at a heart level to help me figure out what my right path was.

It was such a relief to work with someone that understood the two different perspectives, and could talk on both levels.

Meredith Curtin, The Project Nanny (TheProjectNanny.com)

Westminster, Colorado

Thank you Jessica for the awesome energy call last night! I love how you took my problem and were quickly able to let me see it in a whole new light. You helped me resolve a problem I have wrestled with for years. I also slept great and am full of energy today. My business and my clients will really benefit from this.

JoAnn Krall, The Sensible Organizer

Norwood, Massachusetts

Jess is AWESOME! She’s consulted me on my bookkeeping and she just keeps it really real and CARES so much about her clients, you’ll always feel totally held!

I know how hard it is to find a financial professional that you can feel safe with. And accountants are everywhere. But Jess is one of US, if you know what I mean. She’s of the same spirit and will “get” you. ;0)

I had been delaying on this kind of help for that very same reason – WHO?

Until I found Jess.

Lisa Hunter, Inner Business Diva (InnerBusinessDiva.com)

Boulder, Colorado

Jessica has been instrumental in helping streamline our bookkeeping.

Her knowledge of QuickBooks allows her to easily explain the correct method of data entry. The time I spend on bookkeeping has easily been cut in half since receiving training with Jessica.

I look forward to a long term business relationship with Jessica.

Rich Russell, 1st Choice Home Improvement Associates (Call1stChoice.com)

Bridgewater, Massachusetts

If I was going to a regular money manager right now, I wouldn’t be getting help with this. I’d be getting more information, more overwhelmed… But you’re going deeper, getting down to the heart of it, revealing what needs to shift, and it’s **really** helpful!

H.M., Cambridge, Massachusetts

Thank you for the oh-so-helpful session! Not only did you help me with my QuickBook problems and answer all my questions, but you walked me through it all with such compassion and kindness I didn’t have a chance to feel nervous, incompetent, or even slightly inept. Your explainations were clear, helpful, and none of them made my right-brain hurt. You’re a wonder, and I’ll be calling you again, and certainly recommending you to all my friends. Thanks again.

Deborah Weber

Chicago, Illinois

We’ve always appreciated Jessica’s promptness and attention to detail.

Rebecca Cohen

Rebecca Plants LLC

Jessica is as much heart as she is intelligence. I’ve already referred people to her (even though we’ve only recently begun working together and we’re just getting started).

Jessica is the perfect bookkeeping and money coach for anyone who runs a business that means more to them than just business. In other words, Jessica is a perfect fit for heart-based entrepreneurs.

She takes care of the science while also nurturing the spirit. She’s approachable, committed and trustworthy. She actually makes facing money woes feel enjoyable! She can take care of the numbers, but at the same time, as a coach, helps you to get to the root of the problem.

She’s a growth enabler. 😉 Jess is incredible. Amazing and truly gifted at what she does… on all levels.

The name of Jessica’s business says it all: HEART BASED bookkeeping. Jessica brings an element of authenticity, love and even a sense of spirituality to her work.

If money could give hugs, it would use Jessica’s arms.

Jessica Marianiello, Stray Dog Arts (StrayDogArts.com)

Minneapolis, Minnesota

To learn more about working with Jess, visit the Services page.

If you have a question for Jess, ask her right here!
She loves it when people ask her questions!

Jessica helped me with two issues I had been struggling with. One was personal and the other business related. For years I struggled with the price point of my services. She took me through an exercise, asked all the right questions and as a result helped me find the amount I felt my services were worth. She made me feel incredibly comfortable through the entire process. Jessica is compassionate, non-judgemental and very intuitive. I highly recommend her services.

JoAnn Krall Norwood


I am happy to say that I have been more than happy with my monthly bookkeeping services. It has made my life so much easier!

The services have been invaluable to me. Heart Based Bookkeeping understands everything I give to them, and if there’s any question, they do not hesitate to call me to ask questions.

Heart Based Bookkeeping handles all of my bookkeeping. I keep a folder that I place all my checks and bank statements in, then I send it along to the team, and they do all the rest. The only thing I have to keep track of is my mileage, and at the end of the year, they let me know the best way to take the deduction.

The business I am in, direct sales, tends to have up and down profits. However, the time I have saved by not having to figure out my own books has been well worth the money spent.

Having Heart Based Bookkeeping keep my books has helped me with time, money, and my sanity!

The state of my books was horrendous before I hired Heart Based Bookkeeping. They have not only kept me on track in the present, but they also tackled the mess of back work that I had.

When tax season came around, they printed out all the information that my accountant would need – I just had to hand him a piece of paper! He was extremely impressed with her work as well!

Patti Prevost, Independent Sales Professional, New England Region

Foxboro, Massachusetts

Jessica has been a saviour in the world of bookkeeping! From doing a few months of back reports, to giving me peace of mind every month, to being flexible about my needs for specific reports, she is the best! I recommend her highly whenever anyone asks for a good bookkeeper. Don’t do your own books- it is the surest way to create stress- give them to a talented professional asap!

Caroline Donahue, Remabulous Coaching (RemabulousCoaching.com)

Los Angeles, California

I knew I needed to come to grips with my mindset about money as my situation seemed to be at odds with what I truly believed… that I had something of value for the people and deserved to be compensated for it.

Talking to Jessica actually took me by surprise as I didn’t really know what to expect.

What I gained was a realistic first glimpse with my situation and some true instruction on how to be painfully honest with myself and with how I truly saw my business.

The results surprised me. I had no idea some of the hidden feelings I had about my business. I’m still peeling back the layers, but I can say my session with her truly started the conversation I had to have (and now must continue) to re-establish a relationship with my business.

Jessica is insightful and seems to have a way of seeing beyond the obvious money/cash flow/profit equation. She helped me to prepare for a really important business development meeting.

And the tools I learned from her I’m using for other situations like that one. I have more work to do, but I believe her process has put me on a good path.

Desiree H. Young, Business and Marketing Strategist

VentureWalk Business Partners, LLC (VentureWalk.com), Harvey, Louisiana

Jessica has been an exceptional asset to our company. Her expertise in QuickBooks was an enormous help to our company in a period where the financial and accounting duties were being transferred to a new staff.

Jessica’s patience and experience paid immediate dividends, and I would not hesitate to recommend her service to any business owner looking to improve their bottom line.

Stephen Tomaselli, President/Co-Founder of Loansnap.com, Inc.

Foxboro, Massachusetts

Heart Based Bookkeeping bookkeeping has been a tremendous help to our company. Not only did Heart Based Bookkeeping organize and update our small business, but the professional help has already shown us ways in which we are able to save time, and more importantly, cut costs.

The service provided is extremely dependable and convenient to the client. Heart Based Bookkeeping bookkeeping is sure to help in the continuing success of your small business.

Anne Lovell of Lovell's Hockey Schools, Inc.

Norwood, Massachusetts

Jessica provided valuable insight and support during a critical time on our accounting project. Her advice was both solid and intelligent as well as professional and key in the success of our venture. Her commitment to customer service is rare in this world and deeply appreciated.

Her top qualities are that she provides great results, she’s personable, and she has high integrity.

Sarah Dyer

SupahFans.com Boston, Massachusetts

I am happy to say that I have been more than happy with my monthly bookkeeping services. It has made my life so much easier!

The services have been invaluable to me. Heart Based Bookkeeping understands everything I give to them, and if there’s any question, they do not hesitate to call me to ask questions.

Heart Based Bookkeeping handles all of my bookkeeping. I keep a folder that I place all my checks and bank statements in, then I send it along to the team, and they do all the rest. The only thing I have to keep track of is my mileage, and at the end of the year, they let me know the best way to take the deduction.

The business I am in, direct sales, tends to have up and down profits. However, the time I have saved by not having to figure out my own books has been well worth the money spent.

Having Heart Based Bookkeeping keep my books has helped me with time, money, and my sanity!

The state of my books was horrendous before I hired Heart Based Bookkeeping. They have not only kept me on track in the present, but they also tackled the mess of back work that I had.

When tax season came around, they printed out all the information that my accountant would need – I just had to hand him a piece of paper! He was extremely impressed with her work as well!

Patti Prevost, Independent Sales Professional, New England Region

Foxboro, Massachusetts

My favorite thing about working with Jessica is her pleasant demeanor. Teaching someone new things and new systems can’t be easy, but Jessica has made it so for me. From day one, working with Jessica has been such a pleasure and she is knowlegable and patient (which I needed).

It has been so refreshing to work with Jessica. She has so many ideas and suggestions on how to improve things within my business and it has really helped me. The improvements in my business have been very apparent.

I am extremely comfortable working with Jessica, even when covering new ideas and different materials, and I have felt incredibly comfortable right from the start. My previous experiences with business teachers were less than pleasant or easy. If I had to ask a previous teacher a question, I was made to feel that I was a bother or unintelligent.

When it comes to asking questions of Jessica, you never have to feel as if you are a bother or that any question is too small. Jessica is very easy to talk to and encourages questions. I really appreciate that. Her personality is such a pleasure. She is enthusiastic and so knowledgeable.

Jessica has adapted to my learning style more so than anyone I have ever worked with. She has addressed my business’s unique problems and my personal needs in our work together. Jessica has taught me a whole new system and the new system is so much more in tune with my business and much easier on me too!

I would highly recommend working with Jessica. I have recommended her to others and I recommend her to you too!

Jeanne Sampson

Assistant Extraordinaire

I really appreciate all the help and guidance I received from Jessica when I was learning QuickBooks and had lots of questions related to taxes. I’ve now got a good enough handle on it that I’m all set! And if I have questions in the future, I know exactly who I’ll call!

Amy-Jo Conant, Amy-Jo Conant Photography (AmyJoConant.com)

Stow, Massachusetts

I wasn’t really sure what to expect out of my consultation with Jessica. All I knew is that I felt stalled in my business (and in my life) and I needed some help.

During my session, I could feel her caring and kindness almost palpably through the phone line. Our session really helped me make some connections between some of my stuckness with money and some other areas in my life that I hadn’t thought of.

I was amazed at how far we moved in just one session.

Meredith Eisenberg, MeredithEisenberg.com

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jessica is our bookkeeper. She’s done wonders for us. Saved us a lot of time, corrected the way we were accounting for different revenue and has significantly reduced the amount of effort my partner has to spend reconciling our books.

Peter Caputa IV, President of WhizSpark

Worcester, Massachusetts

To learn more about working with Jess, visit the Services page.

If you have a question for Jess, ask her right here!
She loves it when people ask her questions!

Jess is fantastic! I had a session with her on 7-30-2010, and she immediately was able to understand what was going on with me. I have full confidence that she’ll ‘get’ you too. I’m very impressed with her insight.

Jeremy Pope

I have just started working with Jess. In our first session she helped me feel more confident about what kind of books I need, and made a strong recommendation for a way forward that would grow with my business. She’s going to set me up with a system that I can maintain myself for now. I’m looking forward to the training.”

Year first hired: 2009 / Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jo VanEvery, Research Facilitator (jovanevery.ca)

Almonte, Ontario, Canada

Thanks to Jessica, I now understand that, at least from a bookkeeping perspective, I’m a manufacturer!

I’ve been entering information into QuickBooks and am intrigued by the information that’s now much more easily available.

For example, I can know see not only what the sales were for the year, but how much of that was from different items. It’s given me a deeper appreciation for my business and what we have done so far.

Marilyn Webster, Whimsy and Tea


I just had a 30/60 Guided Money Session with Jess, and I’m feeling a lot better and a lot clearer now.

During the first bit, Jess did a bunch of energetic stuff and I just sat there and soaked it up. It was great, and I think she cleared out some gunk from my chakras or something. I don’t know the details, but I do know that I feel clearer and more aligned now.

During the second bit, we talked about my money issues and fears, and arrived at three concrete things I can do to help myself be safe and supported, both financially and spiritually. She even mentioned a tax strategy that might save me a lot of money this year.

With anyone else, it would have felt jarring to go from talking about spirituality to talking about tax strategies, but with Jess, it felt perfectly natural.

Pace Smith, FreakRevolution.com

Austin, Texas

Thank you so very much for such an incredible call yesterday. I feel we were able to truly crash thru the barriers that have been keeping me from greater success. Your intuitive way of ‘hearing’ my words was so helpful. I would recommend your services to anyone who seems stuck or blocked on money issues as a way to hear your heart’s message on how to break through and thrive financially. I am letting go of what I think financial security should look like and allowing prosperity to flow to me.

Kate Powers

Boston, Massachusetts

This testimonial is in reference to the Heart and Science Journey of Building Your Bookkeeping Business:

“Jessica is a boon to my new business. I came across the link to her web site quite by accident while surfing the web one day right at the beginning of my journey. What a lucky occurrence! I looked at her web site and was impressed so contacted her to begin a coaching relationship. Dates were scheduled and off we went.

Each step of the way has been an adventure. The lessons have been expertly paced to keep pace with my growth as a freelance bookkeeper. Jessica has guided me through each step with skill and grace. I am so pleased with my progress. With Jessica’s help, in 2 and a half months, I already have 3 clients that are right for me, and the potential to add many more because I now have the tools I need to support that growth.

Jessica is so generous in sharing infrastructure of a small bookkeeping business. She has freely given examples of the documents and pricing formulas etc. that she uses in her own practice, saving me oodles of time in not having to invent them on my own.

In working with my new clients, sometimes I get carried away in my thinking about what I need to do to help them. When I discuss these issues with Jessica, in a very practical and gentle manner she redirects my thinking to put parameters around the problem, help me see who owns the problem, and supports my ability to come up with a solution that works for both me and the client. This is a talent I believe few people possess, but I cannot emphasize enough what a big help it is to me as a newbie to the freelance bookkeeping world.

I recommend Jessica wholeheartedly to anyone just starting out, or who has been at it awhile and needs a boost in a right direction, that is toward growth and success in their practice.

Christine Kondo

Straight Forward Bookkeeping Services, LLC

When it comes to money, I feel vulnerable. For a long time I’ve been wishing I could find someone to help me untangle my finances and gain clarity around my current situation.

I am a full time artist with a thriving business and yet–when it came to money–I felt scared, ignorant, overwhelmed, and downright stuck.

Let me begin by saying that Jessica has been one of the biggest gifts that I have received in a long, long time. From our very first email correspondence, I knew that Jessica was the bookkeeper I had been wishing for. Little did I know that I would be getting soooo much more than just a bookkeeper!

In reading the words in that first email (and all that followed), I felt a tidal wave of relief. Finally, someone who gets me!

Never in my whole life has someone put me at such ease–and I immediately found myself able to see a new and very wonderful light at the end of an otherwise dark tunnel.

To be honest, my experience in working with Jessica is impossible to sum up. Why? Because Jessica is much more incredible than words can possibly convey.

She not only understands the magic of numbers, but is a truly gifted healer as well. After just one Intuitive Money Session with Jessica, I was blown away by the things that came up during our call.

Talk about diving in head first! And yet I felt completely safe.

Our conversation touched on things that I may have already known on an intellectual level, but Jessica’s intuitive insight took me further into those thoughts and feelings than I have ever traveled before. She helped me cut to the core of something that greatly mattered to me.

In the process, I experienced a deep and necessary shift. I laughed, I cried and, most importantly, I walked away from our session feeling a profound sense of love-for my work, myself, my past, my future.

I wasn’t expecting such…immenseness.

The healing I experienced went much deeper than money.

I only hope that Jessica fully realizes how grateful I am for sharing her incredibly multifaceted gifts. She is made up of 100% heart, 100% authenticity, and a million percent amazing.

I look forward to continued work with her. Jessica’s presence in my life is an absolute blessing beyond measure!

Jessica Marianiello, Stray Dog Arts (StrayDogArts.com)

Minneapolis, Minnesota

At the end of the 2008, I had a scheduled call with Jess to discuss the possibility of our working together with her as my bookkeeper. I’d interviewed many, but had never found someone I really felt I could trust with that critical piece of my financial puzzle.

And talk we did about bookkeeping, about finances, about my model (or lack thereof) for money as a child, about the way she works, and then we headed down a path around struggle, that was born from my sharing that managing the financial pieces of my biz had always been such a struggle for me.

In that conversation, Jess said some magic words to me. She said, “Struggle is part of my DNA.”

It was one of those profound life teachings I wasn’t expecting to get out of a business conversation, but that landed so strongly I couldn’t ignore. It resonated because, although I never would have had the language to say it, it was the truth for me, too. Having my childhood, where my biggest struggle was trying to get my narcissistic parents to see me and love me led me to absolutely absorb struggle into the core of my being.

When Jess said what she said, and I realized how true it had been for me my whole life long, and then realizing that I had no more reason to struggle, some healing happened.

On the spot, I asked Jess to work with me-both for what I believed she could do for my books, and for what I believed I would learn on the journey with her. Nearly a year later, I’m infinitely more clear about my finances, feel an enormous sense of peace (as opposed to any struggle, whatsoever), and absolutely trust her work, her word, and her guidance.

She’s been remarkable for me and to me in every aspect of our working together, and I feel amazingly blessed to have her on my team of “business wellness professionals” (as I like to call them)!

An update from Anastacia Brice in March of 2010: Jess has been my bookkeeper for a bit more than a year, and she’s the very first person who ever made me feel safe with regard to my books and the financial picture of my business. She’s awesome–as a person, as a bookkeeper, and as someone who has the ability to impact the lives and businesses of her clients.

Anastacia Brice, Founder of AssistU.com

Baltimore, Maryland

My favorite thing about working with Jessica is how easy she makes a laid out plan. Working with her has helped my business because all the answers I need to the questions I have about my business are simplified and the answers are now right in front of me.

When asking Jessica questions, she brings things to a level of what makes sense to you. She adapts to your learning style. One of the special and unique things about working with Jessica is how she is very open minded and very easy to work with.

I feel comfortable working with her because she is honest and very kind, and she has a lot of patience dealing with hard or easy tasks. Also, she has always been available to answer any questions or concerns we have in a timely fashion.

Jessica has addressed unique problems and my specific needs in our work together. I would absolutely recommend Jessica’s help, teaching, and training!

James O. Thorndike III

President, Thorndike Corporation (www.thorndikecorp.com)

To learn more about working with Jess, visit the Services page.

If you have a question for Jess, ask her right here!
She loves it when people ask her questions!

This is not coaching. This is guidance–guidance in both the practical aspects of money and feelings around money.

It’s not about doing and it’s not about the (much overused) being. (We’re told to BE! BE! BE! with much enthusiasm these days, but what the hell does that mean?!) It’s about understanding myself in relationship to my life and my struggle, and about understanding the connections present in that–as uncomfortable as they can be sometimes.

While it’s not so much about directing, it is about results. I could and have tried to sort these things out by myself, but my internal censor won’t allow me to be fully present in the process. Having Jess with me in this process as a guide allows me to identify and feel what I’m feeling, so then I can recognize both the emotional and practical aspects of my challenge. Jess has a gift for taking what has been revealed to me and helping me figure out what to do with it.

There is the recognized reason you show up to work with Jess. And then there is what you’re really needing–and you likely have no idea what that is at this point. The two are connected, and Jess will help you understand that connection and what to do with it.

Put simply, I have inside what I need; she helps me access it. Kind of like Glinda in Oz.

Sandra Trca-Black, Alloy Virtual Assistance (AlloyVA.com)

Ames, Iowa

My meeting with Jess was the first step for me getting my life back and finding myself again. I had really come to a pivotal point in my life where I knew that I was unhappy but I didn’t know quite what was wrong or how to fix it. Somewhat recently actually, a friend of mine referred to me as being “gray” during that time – and I felt it, both emotionally and physically. My job, my marriage, my friendships, everything was suffering as a result. I was lost and feeling indifferent towards everything.

My meeting with Jess was not something that I had planned on. I truly believe that she was sent to me at that very point in my life to help me to find clarity and give me the strength to move forward. It was because of my time with Jess that I was able to look within and dare myself to consider a new life in which I would be happy and to really contemplate the tough decisions that I would need to make to find that inner peace. And it really wasn’t until months after that pivotal realization that I could really appreciate the significance of our meeting.

It is now almost a year and a half later and I am happy to say I am no longer “gray.” Since my meetings with Jess I have experienced many positive changes in my life. I have changed careers and moved from working in a boring desk job that didn’t challenge me to a very gratifying role in a non-profit organization where I can now be much more social and outgoing, like I used to be back in my college days. I found that this change alone helped to bring back a vitality to my life that had been long missing, but is now present in all aspects of my life.

But, most importantly, I learned that it was time to let go of “the coulda, woulda, shoulda” as Jess would say, and just start living for today.

Rebecca A.

Seattle, Washington

Jess is super sweet, considerate, and a very clear communicator. Yay Jess!

P.S., on Twitter after a phone session

I had my very first Remembrance session with Jessica today and I can’t begin to tell you the insights and realizations that came from it.

In a very short time she took me from visualizing my future to realizing that I’ve got it in me *right now* to do what I dream.

And now I have a simple way to get me through the stuckness that will inevitably come up in the future. Thanks Jess!

Alexia Petrakos


The wit and wisdom and professionalism packed into this open hearted wise woman of power, transformed the way I look at my healing music services. During our first session, I spoke to Jessica tentatively about an idea for marketing my music through the internet. Within one short session I was able to transform my tentativeness to confident suredness that what I have to provide is worth more than what I was expecting.

It has been a long road to bring this ancient healing and transformational music to life. The road has taken (and continues to take) many twists and turns. Jessica’s guidance has helped me put words to what I am doing, and more importantly, helped me to acknowledge the material and financial value of an invaluable, priceless spiritual gift. For that I am eternally grateful.

Eliana Gilad, Founder of Voices of Eden (VoicesofEden.com)

Galilee, Israel

I’m driving to a gig now so only a quick reply but THANK YOU so much. There were some days I didn’t know if we would ever reach this point 🙂

You have been an amazing partner and I cannot thank you enough for the encouragement and support.

I am looking forward to all that is coming as well.

Talk soon and thank you again!!!!

T.R., San Francisco, California

What makes Jessica so special is in addition to her experience and business acumen, she brings a sincere heart and an incredible willingness to follow guidance from her heart.

This is such a rare thing in the business world… even in the healing world.

And of course her boundless energy and knack for finding joy in the most mundane events makes her a delight to work with. Jessica is a respected colleague and very dear to my heart!

Judy Murdoch, Highly Contagious Marketing (JudyMurdoch.com)

Denver, Colorado

Jessica has been a friend of mine for many years, and has always taken on a big sister/life coach role for me. She always knows exactly what to say and how to get me through the sticky stuff.

This past summer, I was fortunate enough to work with Jess through a guidance/healing session. I was going through a particularly painful time of my life and needed help from an external source. This session was incredibly eye-opening for me.

I think Jess has truly found her calling in the work she is doing and genuinely believe she can offer love-filled, heart-driven guidance for everyone.

Leah Creates, LeahCreates.com

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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