You started your business because you love what you do. Then you suddenly had to pay attention to money matters, but that’s not what you’re good at.

You know what it’s like to be in business for yourself: there are many hats to be worn and you’re the one wearing most – if not all – of them. Some days you do really well. Other days, not so well. You keep promising yourself you’ll get caught up with the money aspects of the business tomorrow, but then tomorrow comes and you naturally focus on doing the work you love to do.

So the financial aspects of your business are neglected. Why is it so hard to stay on top of this stuff? You love your business, even many aspects of your business that surprise you. But not the numbers. The bookkeeping and accounting seems so annoying and time-consuming, and yet if you don’t do it, you end up with a big overwhelming project.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Whether you are a service professional, consultant, creative, artist, healer, technical expert, freelancer, coach, or running any business that helps people… you can have an approach to bookkeeping and accounting that works for your business and helps you realize the dream and vision you had when you first went into business.

Hi, I’m Jessica Reagan Salzman, founder of Heart Based Bookkeeping. I work with small business owners who love what they do, but can’t keep up with managing the numbers side of their business and are tired of being in the dark when it comes to money matters. I also listen when entrepreneurs need to talk their money stuff out with someone they trust. If you want to get on track and shed light on the numbers side of your business, you are in the right place.

How do you get started? Here’s my recommended 1-2-3:

Receive the The Balance Sheet, Demystified: Unlock its power within your small business workbook, along with my monthly e-zine, Problems into Profits! The workbook will provide you with immediate insights as it demonstrates how your bookkeeping system can be a powerful tool within your business. The monthly e-zine includes articles, interviews, and resources for improving your business.

Take the assessment: Is Your Bookkeeping System Working For You? It takes less than ten minutes to complete and will give you powerful insights into how your bookkeeping system can be improved.

I especially encourage you to explore both options below:

Hands-Free Monthly Bookkeeping

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Who can Heart Based Bookkeeping really help?

Although the circumstances may change, the struggles people are going through are remarkably similar. 

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Before I met Jessica, my books were a mess. Jessica took me by the hand and helped me set up a system that works.

I’ve worked with other bookkeepers in the past and reviewing my books used to be a stressful situation of finding a zillion mistakes. I am so impressed with Heart Based Bookkeeping’s professional, error-free service. It is such a relief to see my reports each month and know that they are accurate.

Best of all, Jessica understands the emotional and spiritual aspects of bookkeeping and is SO supportive. She actually makes bookkeeping fun!

I can’t thank Jessica enough for changing my relationship to tracking money and business bookkeeping! Thanks to Jessica and our awesome bookkeeping system, I was finally able to identify some of the cash flow problems in my business and fix them. YEAH!

Lucille Sorella

Preen Publishing LLC

Being a conscious entrepreneur, it is important to me that everybody I work with reflects my values and integrity. When I found Jessica, we both knew it was a perfect match. She is a kind and compassionate woman who seeks to understand me and my business, and who truly does want me to succeed.

Just as importantly, Jessica saves me money. I really appreciate that Jessica understands the differences and nuances of a heart-based business like mine.

Since we began working together, her knowledge and insights have saved me thousands of dollars in business expenses and deductions I didn’t know I could take… because she understands more than just bookkeeping, she understands the bookkeeping needs of heart-centered conscious entrepreneurs like me.

Chris Cade LLC

I’ve spent 11 years running my own businesses and my books have always been a disaster. It’s not for a lack of trying, either. I’m extremely organized, but I just couldn’t find a bookkeeper who fit me–one who understands Internet businesses and knew how to organize our books in a way that made sense to me as a tech company CEO.

Jess came in like a breath of fresh air. For the first time, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. No more 300-row Excel spreadsheets with a big note at the top saying ‘What are these transactions???’ Jess actually Googles and works with me to categorize everything properly. What a relief!

Jess is a treasure. As long as I’m running my own businesses and Jess is doing bookkeeping, she’ll be my go-to in that department without hesitation.

Erica Douglass

CEO, Whoosh Traffic

“The entrepreneur in us sees opportunities everywhere we look, but many people see only problems everywhere they look. The entrepreneur in us is more concerned with discriminating between opportunities than he or she is with failing to see the opportunities.”

~ Michael Gerber