Hands-Free Monthly Bookkeeping

Staying on top of the monthly bookkeeping can be a real challenge. So once your books are caught up, we want to keep them that way.

And I know that you love doing your thing, but when it comes to the numbers side of your business? Yeah, I’m guessing it’s not really your idea of a good time to sit down and do everything that’s related to the accounting.

I’m also pretty darn sure that there are at least a half-dozen other important things that you could be doing instead, things that support your business in the way that only YOU can.

Since I really can’t picture you sitting down during the first week of each month and cheering, “Yay! Today’s bookkeeping day!” – I know that you need help with this.

And I get it.

As much as I love numbers and the story they reveal about your unique business each month, I still get that most (if not all!) talented, creative, and successful entrepreneurs just aren’t keen on having this task (or set of tasks, really) added to their monthly list of things that must. get. done.

That’s what I’m here for.

Expect More From Your Bookkeeping

I help you step fully into the role of CEO and CFO — yes, you can begin to consider yourself the Chief Financial(!) Officer of YOUR company — with Hands-Free Monthly Bookkeeping services.

Once per month I gather everything I need to create the story of the numbers within your biz. In most cases, clients empower me to do this step completely on my own–meaning they don’t have to do anything at all to start the ball rolling each month… it just happens automagically, without any effort on their part, by giving me what I need to handle these matters self-sufficiently.

Once I’ve got my hands (and it’s usually my virtual hands, in case you’re wondering) on the bank statements, credit card statements, and everything else that goes into making your business’s bookkeeping and accounting system as fancy and detailed as it needs to be for your CEO/CFO-insight into the company… I’m off and running.

You’re Fully Informed and You’ve Got Insight!

Before you know it, it’s that time of the month when I’m running a few questions by you so I can be sure I’ve nailed the financial reports for the prior month, and once I’ve got your input into whatever unique details happened last month, you are now the in-the-know and fully-informed owner of your company!

You receive, every single month, the reports that you need to fully understand the story behind the numbers of your business. You are empowered with the financial knowledge that leads to empowered insight–insight that can make a huge difference in your business’s financial reality.

I Can Be Your CFO…

And if you’re not really sure what to make of your business’s financial reports, I’ve got you covered.

Most clients choose to leverage a Premium Level of Hands-Free Monthly Bookkeeping for the first few months of working with me. This additional level of service gives me the ability to fully step into the role of Outsourced CFO for your business as if it is my business.

With the Premium Level Service, I do a special executive and strategic level review of your financials before meeting with you for a half hour power phone call to really bring out the magic of your bookkeeping system by sharing steps you can take, based on your crystal clear and accurate financial reports, to really make your entire business operate like a dream.

I’m Your Financial Resource

Even if you don’t feel the need for a premium level of service, you’ll still have me as a resource. You can ask me questions whenever you have ’em AND you can know that I’m watching your back in the bookkeeping and accounting division.

Every month I review all of my clients books as if they are my own company’s books and I keep an eye on trends, changes, spending activity, and all the varied aspects that make up your company’s financial picture.

If I see things that need your review and attention, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll hear from me.

What Matters Most

In the grand scheme of things, it’s all about relationships. We develop a relationship as I handle your monthly bookkeeping. I develop a relationship with your business in its entirety. And you develop a relationship with the financial side of your business… you know, that aspect of your biz that’s been neglected or a little bit ignored for just a bit too long.

And, to top it all off, guess what? Tax time? You’ll never have to be freaked out by an impending tax filing deadline ever again.

Hands-Free Monthly Bookkeeping happens every single month… so your December books are processed right on schedule in January of each following year! And when it comes to making sure your tax preparer has whatever he or she needs to do their job in the best possible way for you – I’m on it. I interact with whomever you’ve chosen to work with (and I can recommend tax prep professionals if you haven’t yet found one you absolutely love), and I make it streamlined and easy for you to get your taxes filed, and on time!

Finally, Bookkeeping You Can Be Excited About

By having a Hands-Free Monthly Bookkeeping system that works for you, instead of against you, you step into a new and powerful role within your business.

You get to focus on doing the work you love, while also knowing that you’re fully informed about the money aspects of being in business.

You’re empowered to make better decisions about how you’re handling business and you’ve got the peace of mind that comes from being a fiscally responsible CEO.

Your business will thank you for the support of an accounting system that keeps your business IN business for years to come and you’ll get to continue doing the work you’re meant to be doing! Hands-Free, focusing on what matters most, without overlooking the money matters.


  • Make more money – My goal is for you to benefit from your bookkeeping services so you can make more money! You either benefit from recovered time by not doing this work yourself, adding time you can spend in service to your clients. Or you benefit from strategies that will help you increase your profits. I catch tax deductions and share tax and business strategies so you aren’t spending money on bookkeeping as an expense, but as an investment in your business.
  • Turn your business’s finances into a map that provides guidance – Most of my clients come to me with partial solutions in place. But the paperwork piles up and there’s no summary of information to review. With Hands-Free Monthly Bookkeeping, you’ll no longer have to wonder what’s happening in your business. You won’t find yourself saying, “I don’t know if my business is profitable.”
    I don’t pay your bills or make your bank deposits; I do much more than that. I hand you the hidden gold in all those stacks of bank statements. This affects huge change in your business. Take the “worst part of your business” and turn it into the best part–the part that keeps making your business better and better.
  • Stay focused on the work you love – I help you transform your relationship with your finances in a way that supports you in focusing on the work you love. You get a high-level summary that lets you know what’s happening in your business in a way that makes you the chief visionary–the one at the helm–as opposed to the one buried under the paperwork.


Pricing really does vary, depending on what you need done. Every client gets a custom quote, because every business is different. My monthly package rates vary based on number of bank and credit card accounts, how many checks you tend to write, whether you take online payments, and so on.

But, I can tell you that the prices range from the simplest self-employed business at about $125/month, to a much more complex small business with a dozen employees and many different accounts paying about $700/month–which is less than 25% of having to hire a full-time bookkeeper. My average client pays in the $200-$400/month range. I am happy to produce your monthly quote for your unique business!

And I charge a one-time Set Up Fee that is equal to one month’s fee. The Set Up Fee allows me to spend time getting to know you and your unique business and also covers a thorough review of your current books (for example, your QuickBooks file, if you have one for your business already).

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to turn your bookkeeping headaches into a tool for building business momentum and creating greater profits and peace of mind within your business?

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Let’s be honest. There’s not a business anywhere that is without problems. Business is complicated and imperfect. Every business everywhere is staffed with imperfect human beings and exists by providing a product or service to other imperfect human beings.

~ Bob Parsons