The Balance Sheet, Demystified


I want every business owner who visits my website to leave with something of value. Whether it’s inspiration for implementing a better bookkeeping system, hope that things can be better in your business, a connection with a new resource, whatever it is – I want you to also have something that shows you steps you can take today to immediately benefit from the powers of your business’s bookkeeping system.

Why am I giving this particular handbook away for free?

There are a few reasons. One is that I am truly passionate about bookkeeping – that’s why I started Heart Based Bookkeeping, and it’s heart-breaking for me to see so many small business owners struggling to succeed in their businesses, instead of capitalizing on the benefits of an effective bookkeeping system.

And yet I also know there are other bookkeepers out there. I don’t want you to just take my word that Heart Based Bookkeeping is the right fit for you. I want you to take a taste, and see if my whole-business owner and whole-business approach really clicks for you.

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  • The Balance Sheet, Demystified: Unlock its power within your small business, my workbook that will show you fast and powerful ways you can begin to leverage your bookkeeping system. Even if you currently do not have a bookkeeping system, this workbook will provide you with a simple exercise you can utilize today to better understand your business.
  • Problems into Profits! My monthly e-zine which includes articles, interviews, resources, and tips you can utilize while running your small business.

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