It’s a Love Affair


My own little business love affair…

Yesterday I realized that we are now as busy, with two of us, as I ever was on my own.

We have an abundant and thriving bookkeeping practice.

And I am now falling (deeply) in love with the hands-on art and science of doing the bookkeeping work, all the different layers of it, again.

I am returning to a more in depth involvement in the nitty-gritty details again, and I’m also doing more high level review work (volume-wise) than ever before, because we’ve been blessed with an amazing number of sizeable projects and new monthly clients too.

And the bonus in all of this is that I’ve also created a steadily growing sessions-based side of my business that lights me up from within, allows me to show up with all of my gifts, and provides me with the opportunity to interact with my beloved clients more personally and in a sacred space, helping them with the emotional and practical aspects of making and managing money that go beyond the hands-on bookkeeping side of things.

I dreamt of arriving at this place in my business when I heard the news that my husband’s job had been eliminated when my 3-year-old daughter was just a few weeks old.

And now, here we are, a bit over three years later, and not only have I journeyed a distance and course that was completely unexpected, I’ve actually arrived.

And it feels sort of like it happened overnight.

A lot like it happened overnight.

Because as soon as I stopped focusing on the fact that it WASN’T HERE YET – it arrived.

(It completely arrived! And it arrived so holistically that I almost didn’t notice that my dreams had become reality!)

Wait, let me clarify that point… as soon as I got really clear and intentional in both my heart and my mind about what I wanted most for my business, and then stopped focusing on the fact that it wasn’t here yet, and started living a very happy life where what matters most is that I appreciate what is already here and allow myself to desire in a good-feeling-way the *more* that I am wanting… that’s when it very rapidly (and easily!) became a physical reality for us.

I am now the very proud owner of a business that is an ever-evolving expression of who I am, a business that holistically and compassionately offers and delivers diverse services that help people in profoundly transformational ways, and this business is now fully supporting my family – all four of us – without worry or struggle, and providing both me and my husband with full-time jobs that have turned out to be so awesome in so many ways that we couldn’t have ever even dreamed of them being this great!

The presence of a struggle, any sort of striving to overcome or make things happen, it’s all been washed away and allowing is now my most natural way of being. I’m just so incredibly appreciative of all I’ve experienced and all that I am now living! I feel so incredibly blessed. I am so incredibly blessed. And I am thankful beyond words.

I’ve also really realized, for the first time in my life, that providing a common service in an uncommon way is the ultimate core of my business. And getting back to those basics has been, for me, a life-affirming and joy-inducing experience!

I’m really just so thrilled about how this all – my business, my work, my life – will continue to evolve and unfold, in joy, abundance, prosperity, well-being, purpose, meaning, and love! :o)

(Originally written on October 30, 2010 at 2:54 PM)

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