The Heart and Science Journey of Building Your Business


Do you love your work, but feel depleted by your business?

You know how to do what you do and you do it well. You went into business to share your talents and skills with others, but now you feel like you’re not so sure you can succeed at this. Some days it even feels like your business has become an obstacle preventing you from doing your real work.

You aren’t reaching as many people as you thought you’d be able to. And the business aspects of your business give you a headache. You have less time for loved ones and the things you love to do than ever before. And you feel like you don’t have a handle on this “being in business” business, nor are you making a profit.


You don’t know as much as you’d like to about how to run your business effectively.

You want to work with clients who will appreciate all that you have to offer.

You want to run a successful and profitable business.

And you want to still have time for your life too!

You just don’t know how to bring it all together.

“My favorite thing about working with Jessica is her pleasant demeanor. Teaching someone new things and new systems can’t be easy, but Jessica has made it so for me. From day one, working with Jessica has been such a pleasure and she is knowlegable and patient (which I needed).

It has been so refreshing to work with Jessica. She has so many ideas and suggestions on how to improve things within my business and it has really helped me. The improvements in my business have been very apparent.

I am extremely comfortable working with Jessica, even when covering new ideas and different materials, and I have felt incredibly comfortably right from the start. My previous experiences with business teachers were less than pleasant or easy. If I had to ask a previous teacher a question, I was made to feel that I was a bother or unintelligent.

When it comes to asking questions of Jessica, you never have to feel as if you are a bother or that any question is too small. Jessica is very easy to talk to and encourages questions. I really appreciate that. Her personality is such a pleasure. She is enthusiastic and so knowledgeable.

Jessica has adapted to my learning style more so than anyone I have ever worked with. She has addressed my business’s unique problems and my personal needs in our work together. Jessica has taught me a whole new system and the new system is so much more in tune with my business and much easier on me too!

I would highly recommend taking a class with Jessica. I have recommended her to others and I recommend her to you too!”

Jeanne Sampson
Assistant Extraordinaire

You’ve tried to make it work. You’ve tried some or all of the following approaches:

  • Reading self-help and business books written by the gurus and experts
  • Working all hours (not to mention nights and every weekend)
  • Attending countless workshops, classes, and seminars
  • Staying in a dead-end job you hate while trying to run your business on the side
  • Continuing to work for someone else because you fear going out on your own
  • Hiring staff so you can focus on trying to bring in more clients without the work piling up
  • Advertising and networking, even though it feels icky or hasn’t worked well
  • Ignoring the call from deep within your heart that says “this isn’t working”

Maybe you’ve even decided that if you don’t find a way to make your business work, you’re going to give up. You’re going to go numb and go back to working for someone else, maybe even doing something else entirely.


YOU CAN HAVE the business you’ve dreamed of having.


It takes a combination of practical and spiritual tools. This combined approach holds the key that can unlock the door to your dream business.

Spirituality? You might be wondering what spirituality has to do with running your business.

What I’ve learned in my life and business is that the practical stuff is important, but the secret ingredient of most happy, successful entrepreneurs is that they can access peace and wisdom from within their hearts, instead of running on empty.

Personally, when I brought spirituality into my business life, I went from being crazily overworked – with never enough time to manage all the aspects of my business and still have time for my family and personal life – to actually spending a full hour during my workday in restful spiritual practice. And since then, my business is thriving and my life is so much more enjoyable!

So the big question is how do you bring both heart and science into your business?

You have all the knowledge, insight, wisdom, strength, and guidance that you need.

Right there, within you.

You only need to turn within and seek what you need most.

Whether you’re a service professional, consultant, creative, technical expert, coach, or other business that helps people, this course has been designed for you.


Here are the basic tools you’ll need:

      • Connect with the problems within your business. It may be hard to believe, but within our problems are gifts. This is true within your business and your life. That brick wall you’re always up against? It’s there to stop you in your tracks. It’s a sign to wake you up. And until you say “YES” and get curious about what’s really next, it’ll be there every time.
      • Create systems within your business. Marketing, getting the work done, bringing in new clients and keeping the ones you already have – none of those things happen automatically. They take work. Hard work. But having systems in place, systems that really work and help to lighten the load on your back, make the difference.
      • Connect with yourself. To help your clients, to help your business, and to make a better living, you must first help yourself. You must invite love in and wash away your fears. You must refuel, replenish, and get on solid ground. And you don’t have to do it alone. There are concrete action steps you can take to make it happen. And we can take those steps together.

On one level you need to address whatever isn’t working in practical and systematic terms within your business. And on another level you need to address the same issues within yourself. It’s so easy to live in fear and overwhelm. It’s so easy to stay where you are – where you’re familiar with your challenges and problems. And it’s normal to attempt to think your way out. But thinking alone hasn’t solved your problems.

So let’s take a radical new approach, return to the love you have within yourself and the love that brought you to your business in the first place, and let’s sort this all out – together.

Then you can move into truly utilizing your talents and skills to help your clients and make a profit, while also caring for yourself and your loved ones.

You’ll learn new skills that you can practice, develop, and embrace. You’ll be well on the road to creating a business that incorporates heart and science to make magic really happen!

“My favorite thing about working with Jessica is how easy she makes a laid out plan. Working with her has helped my business because all the answers I need to the questions I have about my business are simplified and the answers are now right in front of me.

When asking Jessica questions, she brings things to a level of what makes sense to you. She adapts to your learning style. One of the special and unique things about working with Jessica is how she is very open minded and very easy to work with.

I feel comfortable working with her because she is honest and very kind, and she has a lot of patience dealing with hard or easy tasks.  Also, she has always been available to answer any questions or concerns we have in a timely fashion.

Jessica has addressed unique problems and my specific needs in our work together. I would absolutely recommend Jessica’s help, teaching, and training!”

James O. Thorndike III, President,
Thorndike Corporation

Introducing: The Heart and Science Journey of Building Your Business

The four-month journey to building your dream business

Building a business that loves you back while you serve your clients and make a profit


Why I created the Heart and Science Journey of Building Your Business

I have been a bookkeeper and business manager for over thirteen years (and counting!). In January of 2006 I started my own bookkeeping service, Heart Based Bookkeeping, and began my incredible journey of growing my business from a small, profitable, solopreneur business, into a team-driven nationwide virtual services firm. I then made a huge decision in January of 2009 to return to running my business as a soul proprietor.

(Wondering what that is?soul proprietor: A noun, meaning a business person or entrepreneur who balances work with emotional and spiritual growth.”)

I’ve also been able to incorporate coaching and teaching into my practice, allowing me to focus on providing transformational business healing services to my clients.

Throughout the course of running my own business, I’ve learned critical lessons that I was never taught in bookkeeping training school, nor did I learn these lessons while working for other small businesses throughout the years. This course incorporates a unique blend of the extensive trainings and personal lessons I have been exposed to along the way.

I have also worked with many small business owners and self-employed professionals over the past four years. And every single client I have worked with has been faced with similar problems. Having worked with my clients to remedy depletion and struggle within their businesses, I’ve learned specific ways to really help so that the focus can return to helping your clients after you’ve healed your business.

You can cut your learning curve in half by joining us on The Heart and Science Journey.

A cross-country journey is similar to growing a business. When you first set out, you only need the map for the state you’re currently in. But once you get to the border and cross over into a new state, you need a new map.

The Heart and Science Journey provides you with the multiple maps you need to get where you want to be in your business.


The MAPS of The Heart and Science Journey



How to reach your ideal client
How to fill your practice with clients you love
How to set yourself apart from the competition (hint: there isn’t any competition!)


How to price your services profitably
How to understand the Story Behind the Numbers within your business
How to run your business like a business and in return, get much more out of your time and efforts


How to add clients without losing your work/life balance
How to grow at the right pace for you
How to track all the things that need your attention without becoming overwhelmed


How to have a solid foundation by using a simple, non-religious daily practice
How to sustain and nourish yourself and your business
How to replenish your body, mind, and soul so your business can thrive and grow



When working with me in a one-on-one coaching program, you’ll receive the incredible benefit of having your invididual coaching sessions tailored to exactly meet your needs as we work together. I’ll provide the teachings, systems, and exercises and together we will implement them in a way that works for you and your unique business. Your questions will be welcomed and encouraged and I’ll ensure you receive the information you need to build your business with heart and science.

Each session will have ample time for questions and answers, and a private internet forum will allow us to communicate and work together in between sessions. No questions will be considered off limits and you’ll be free to inquire about whatever is challenging you within your business.

We will work on the coaching areas mentioned above, but we’ll also zero in on your most challenging issues within your unique business, whatever those issues may be. I’ll be available to answer those pesky questions you may have about business money matters or a question you’ve been dying to ask about running your business.

Regardless of what stage your business is in, The Heart and Science Journey will provide you with the building blocks to creating a sustainable and fulfilling business that will support you while you do the work you love. You CAN grow your business while still having a life too.


Here’s what comes with this program:


Telephone sessions: A total of eight 60-minute to 90-minute phone sessions over four months. We’ll come up with a sessions schedule that’s convenient for you and we’ll meet twice per month for four months.


Session recordings: MP3 recordings of our sessions. Within a few days of each session, you will have access to the live recording of our call as an MP3. This way, you’ll be able to listen to the call as many times as you want again in the future as your business continues to grow and change.


Exercise worksheets: While working on your own in between sessions, you’ll have the support of exercise worksheets to guide you. The worksheets will include the exercises we’ll be doing together and they will also become a long-term resource for you as you re-visit particularly helpful exercises again and again.


mini-mini-scorecardphotoCustomized report: Our Story Behind the Numbers Report–customized for your unique business–will allow us to uncover the hidden gold that’s been buried and hidden in your financial paperwork. This report will allow us to compare your business to other businesses within your industry and target specific areas of your business for improvement. We’ll be able to identify concrete action steps that you can take, now and in the future, to increase profits, reduce expenses, and create a stronger company. (The results of your personalized report will be held in strict confidence and the information will not be shared with anyone but you.)

If your business’s books are up-to-date, we’ll provide you with a customized Story Behind the Numbers Report for your business. If your business’s books are not up-to-date, have no fear. We’ll go over options for getting your books caught up and create a plan together. Click here to review a sample Story Behind the Numbers Report.


And there are premium bonuses too:


Why premium bonuses? You get these bonuses with the premium version of the coaching package, and they are intended to help solidify, strengthen, and support the implementation of everything you’ll be learning and integrating over the four months we’ll be working together.

By including them as premium bonuses, I can get them to you without you having to guess what you need, and you save hundreds of dollars.

mini-twocans-originalPrivate forum: You will have access to a private, online discussion forum – just for the two of us! You’ll have unlimited access to communicate with me via the forum. Rather than playing discussion tag via e-mail, we’ll use a powerful online discussion forum that keeps posts grouped by subject, with easy-access archives, and lots of opportunity for detailed feedback, collaboration, and support from me. I’ll be present on your private forum to support you in between sessions as we progress through The Heart and Science Journey.


mini-lightbulb-originalBonus sessions: You’ll be able to schedule 2 additional 60-minute sessions with me during the course of our four-month Heart and Science Journey. As we work together, you may find that you’re wanting additional support and feedback in certain areas of the program. If you find that you want extra time to work on issues in marketing, accounting, productivity, or spirituality, this premium bonus will give us the spaciousness to really go deep with the implementation of the Journey’s teachings in your business and life.


mini-flipcalendar-original1 Month Follow Up session: After a month of integrating what you’ve learned, you’re bound to have questions about specific issues you’ve come up against in your business. We’ll schedule a follow up session and you can ask about those issues, and I’ll help you work through them.

3 Month Follow Up session: As an additional bonus, the premium package includes an additional 60-minute session to be scheduled within the three months following the course and it can focus on any aspect of your business that’s challenging you. Even if it’s a new challenge that’s come up after our work together ended, I’m happy to support you with working through any issue.

So here it is:


What’s Included
Core Package
Premium Package
Telephone sessions, a total of eight 60-minute to 90-minute phone sessions over four months.
Session recordings.
Exercise worksheets.
Customized business report.
Premium Bonus: Private forum with unlimited access.
Premium Bonus: 2 Bonus sessions  
Premium Bonus: 1 Month Follow Up session  
Premium Bonus: 3 Month Follow Up session  
(Paid per month for four months.)
$1,998 total
at $499.50/mo
$2,298 total
at $574.50/mo
To apply, please fill out the application below. I only work with FOUR individual coaching clients per month, so space is limited.

This course is also available in a teleclass format for bookkeepers and healing and helping professionals.


To apply, please fill out the application below.
I only work with FOUR individual coaching clients per month, so space is limited.

The 87.5% Total Guarantee (87.5%?)

It’s very important to me that this course helps you get where you want to go. You can decide, for any reason, up to six months after the end of the class, that the class didn’t work for you and you want a refund. But, there are some conditions.

That’s where the 87.5% comes in. This class works, but only if you attend and follow-through. If you complete 87.5% of the class: attending 7 out of the 8 classes, showing up for 7 out of the 8 partner exercises, and complete 87.5% of the assignments, and you are still unhappy with the results, then I’ll be happy to refund any tuition you paid towards this course.

Fill out the application below, and you’ll be joining us on this amazing journey shortly.


Ready to apply?


Please answer the following questions in as much detail as you like. The more I know, the better I can understand what you need. I’ll review your answers in confidence.

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Are you ready to sign up now? Or, do you have any questions you want to ask me? Every applicant needs to be interviewed by me before their application is accepted.

Thank you I will be contacting you shortly!


Let’s be honest. There’s not a business anywhere that is without problems. Business is complicated and imperfect. Every business everywhere is staffed with imperfect human beings and exists by providing a product or service to other imperfect human beings.

~ Bob Parsons