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Our Virtual QuickBooks service will allow you to use any internet-connected computer (PC or Mac) and many devices (iPad as an example) to access your QuickBooks data. We provide single-user and multi-user plans. Our data center utilizes bank level security and provides a safe haven for your critical business accounting data.



  • Virtual access – Travel and know that you’ll be able to access your data from any computer, without sacrificing security and without the learning curve of new software.


  • Automatic backups – You’ll no longer need to fool with CD-ROM’s and external hard drives. Our subscription service provides an automatic, off-site backup that will protect your data.


  • Simplified software maintenance – Maintenance releases are automatically installed and if you want to upgrade to the newest version of QuickBooks, it’s as simple as sending an e-mail.


  • Share access with your CPA – With Heart Based Bookkeeping’s Virtual QuickBooks you can share your log on information with your tax preparer or CPA. Their job becomes easier and they can provide a more effective service.

How It Works


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Single-user packages begin at $50/month.


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