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Our QuickBooks training services are provided by the founder of Heart Based Bookkeeping, Jessica Reagan Salzman. She is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor who gets to know you and your business. Jessica understands QuickBooks inside and out and understands how it can work best within your business.

Jessica has over 15 years of experience working within and running small businesses, including her own. She is familiar with not only the accounting challenges faced within your small business, but also a wide variety of challenges commonly faced by small business owners in general. She will provide gentle, hands-on training with an attention to detail and a commitment to understanding you and your business challenges.

Jessica considers your personal comfort level to be a crucial component of her training approach. At no time will she make you feel ashamed by what you don’t know or understand. Her role is to serve as a trusted advisor and trainer so that you can focus on doing the work you love and spend as little time as possible maintaining your books!

“Jessica has been instrumental in helping streamline our bookkeeping.

Her knowledge of QuickBooks allows her to easily explain the correct method of data entry. The time I spend on bookkeeping has easily been cut in half since receiving training with Jessica.

I look forward to a long term business relationship with Jessica.”

Rich Russell,
1st Choice Home Improvement Associates



  • Shorten your learning curve – It takes time to learn any new software package. But QuickBooks is not just software, it’s accounting software. Most small business owners aren’t accounting professionals, and our approach ensures that your lack of accounting experience won’t prevent you from getting quickly up to speed with QuickBooks!


  • Get the most out of QuickBooks – Accounting software is a powerful tool within your business. However, unlocking the power of the software takes skill. You wouldn’t try to cook a new meal without following the recipe the first couple of times. QuickBooks training is the step-by-step process you need to learn this tool inside and out so you can get the most for your efforts.


  • Realize a return on your investment – QuickBooks is not an inexpensive software package. Although Intuit (the maker of QuickBooks) likes to pitch the software as an easy and fast fix to your bookkeeping problems, the truth is that without investing in training, your shiny new software package might be costing you much more than you paid for it. Training ensures that this purchase is an investment that will provide you a worthwhile return, in many ways, within your business.


  • Avoid a tax filing nightmare – It’s very common for a CPA or tax preparer to use the QuickBooks file provided by a small business owner to create and file a tax return. However, software is only as reliable as the data input into it. Learn how to use the software properly so you don’t end up a victim of the garbage in, garbage out reality of accounting software.


  • Prevent an overpayment of income tax – If your company’s QuickBooks file is inaccurate, your tax return will be inaccurate. I’ve seen it happen countless times; the QuickBooks data is wrong and the business owner pays, literally. Don’t overstate your income because of a software challenge. You work hard enough to make a profit, the last thing you want to do is pay taxes on money you never earned!

“Thank you for the oh-so-helpful session! Not only did you help me with my QuickBook problems and answer all my questions, but you walked me through it all with such compassion and kindness I didn’t have a chance to feel nervous, incompetent, or even slightly inept. Your explainations were clear, helpful, and none of them made my right-brain hurt. You’re a wonder, and I’ll be calling you again, and certainly recommending you to all my friends. Thanks again.”

Deborah Weber
Chicago, Illinois



  • You get a much faster fix – Because we’ve worked with so many different QuickBooks files and problems, we can quickly and efficiently identify any problems, show you how to resolve those problems, and get you back on track in half the time.


  • We’re the ones the CPA’s call – Over the years, Heart Based Bookkeeping has been honored to assist a wide variety of CPA firms with their most problematic QuickBooks issues. This means our learning curve is shortened when we work with you and your unique business.


  • You’ll be self-sufficient – The goal of our training program is for you to be empowered and self-sufficient when we finish working together. You’ll know our tricks and be able to confidently work in QuickBooks as you manage your business.

“I really appreciate all the help and guidance I received from Jessica when I was learning QuickBooks and had lots of questions related to taxes. I’ve now got a good enough handle on it that I’m all set! And if I have questions in the future, I know exactly who I’ll call!”

Amy-Jo Conant,
Amy-Jo Conant Photography

How It Works


Jessica can provide QuickBooks Training in-person or virtually. She creates a customized training approach for your unique situation. You work together to figure out what you already know, what you need to know, and she will always answer your specific questions too. Her goal is to ensure that you are self-sufficient and empowered going forward. Jessica also provides follow up support via e-mail and phone to all QuickBooks Training clients.

“I have just started working with Jess. In our first session she helped me feel more confident about what kind of books I need, and made a strong recommendation for a way forward that would grow with my business. She’s going to set me up with a system that I can maintain myself for now. I’m looking forward to the training.”

Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jo VanEvery,
Research Facilitator



Our QuickBooks Training service is billed hourly at a rate of $200/hour. (For in-person services we do bill our hourly rate for time spent traveling to and from your location.) We find that most small businesses who utilize this service spend an average of two to four hours receiving training.

If your business would benefit from extensive training (such as utilizing job cost tracking features) or customization (such as creating unique forms and invoices), training packages often run 10 or more hours.

Jessica is also available for group training sessions and training sessions that combine business coaching with learning QuickBooks.

“Jessica has been an exceptional asset to our company.

Her expertise in QuickBooks was an enormous help to our company in a period where the financial and accounting duties were being transferred to a new staff.

Jessica’s patience and experience paid immediate dividends, and I would not hesitate to recommend her service to any business owner looking to improve their bottom line.”

Stephen Tomaselli,
President/Co-Founder of Loansnap.com, Inc.


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